Recently, BBC had to move its infrastructure and personnel to Salford and the estimated cost for this move was £224 Million. Moving an organization this big is a difficult task but when you have unlimited resources it can be executed successfully. Moving is often perceived as a one of the most sheer and stressful experience in one’s lifetime. It is estimated that over 35-Million people around the world move to new places domestically, and 7-million move across borders. UK has a sizable number of people and offices who move every year and London seems to be the leading city when it comes to massive relocations. These transfers open up opportunities for mover/removals industry. There services are usually known as Man and Van Removals in London.


Why do people move to new places?

Moving a house or office is not an everyday activity; some people will never experience this in their lives. But when you are in London there could be a hundred reasons for moving your home or office to a new place. A very good example is your new dream job at another place which is miles away from your house and you do not have many options. Either you choose to leave for work earlier and come back spending more time in traveling, or you can move to a place near your workplace. Another example is that you decide to expand your office and moving to a bigger place becomes an essential step for your financial success.


What to look for when hiring a removals company?

There are more than a dozen aspects that you should look for when hiring a professional man with a van removals company. First of all you should have a basic know-how of buyer’s decision making process. Secondly, you should know that you are hiring a service to make your move, less stressful and hassle free. Thirdly, you should do a market survey, don’t worry it won’t be a long business survey. You can do it by yourself within minutes from your home if you have internet access.

There are some other aspects that are as following;


Web presence

A removals company with a good web presence is more professional and successful than the one with no web exposure. Look at their website and their testimonials if you get a good reliable feeling, call their number and discuss every detail of your move before hiring them. If you feel satisfied only then make the final decision.


Variety of services

Even if your removal is light weight; like student removals or small office removals. Look for a firm that provides variety of services like removals, disposals, house cleanings and full house removals as well as storage services. Most of the Companies like these have years of experience in the industry that is the reason they have expanded their services.


Quotation (Preferably free)

Whenever you are choosing any service and specially removal services, you should always look and ask for a free quote before actually hiring the office or house removals services.

Price Comparison

Comparing prices or evaluating products and services with regard to their prices, is the most crucial but not a very hard step of the buyer’s decision making process. Don’t worry this is not something new that you have never done before. You just have to look for a company which promises to provide you more services in less money. Most of the removal companies websites out there offer low prices and customer fall for their low price marketing strategy and in this process they sometimes forget to look at what services they are providing in that price. Compare prices of the company but compare their services as well and choose what is best for you.


Storage Services

Choose a company that also provides storage service because in some moves you don’t want to dispose some of those goods which you cannot shift to the new place. Until you find the right place for these goods you’ll surely wish to keep those goods in safe hands in minimal prices. We wish you the best that you find the right removal and Storage Company that can cater to all your relocation needs.