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Relocation brings lot of excitement whether it is in response to some job change, pursuing higher education in foreign university, change of culture, scenery or other similar reasons like that. Re-locations tend to be very pleasant experiences but also carry the potential of ending up in mess if not executed with proper planning. When it comes to achieving perfect relocation’s Man and Van Coulsdon is the venerable name which the customers have crafted for us in appreciation of our efficacious relocation services in the New Coulsdon area.

About Us

We at King Removals, make every conceivable effort to serve our customers with our best abilities and care. We have amassed years of robust experience of removal industry and have been through numerous challenging situations. We have been witness to many ups and downs of industry.

Each new challenge we were able to tackle on our way increased the confidence level of customers in our abilities. Our undaunted hard work and commitment has paved the way for us to assume the leading and resourceful position in the market as the best Man and Van Coulsdon service. King removals, enjoys one of the best and high quality assets in the removal industry and on top of them all is their professional human resource.

Top Notch Customer Services

The crux of our strategic framework has been to serve our customers with the best of our abilities and respect. This high end enabled us to organize all of our work in such a way as to maximize the output of our different teams by working for the common goal. Our well thought out tailor made solutions and innovative services received a wide acclaim from customers in the market.

Our Planning Process

At King Coulsdon Removals believe that our real work on the new projects starts with our planning process. We have developed detailed checklists apropos to each stage of our work. These checklists enlist all the activities that are to be executed in particular stage.

Apparently, it may look like a waste of time and energy but we know of our past experience that we will be better paid off at later stages by being able to be right on spot and meeting the target deadlines.

It is common sense that without planning anything you cannot get anywhere. And there are a lot of difficulties that one has to face when moving without planning. So, to get your free card out of these hassles, hire our professionally tailored and planned services.

Safe and Efficient Removals

Relocation industry also lays a great stress on safety and security and to achieve this it has outlines certain standards. We have always upheld these industry standards. Our unfailing commitment to safety is evident from the fact that we have been able to achieve commendable model of safety culture through all the rank and file in our organization.

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Kingman and Van understands your need to stay under a budget. This is why we provide you the best and the most competitive hourly charge. Now you don’t have to relocate yourself or acquire the services of an unprofessional company. With Kingman and Van by your side, relocation will never be a hassle again.


With a larger-than-ever customer bank, Kingman and Van is constantly growing and aims to provide services to every street of England one day. We promise you the fastest dispatch of our Man and Van teams to your door, be it for tail lifting services, house removals or quality packaging services.

Moving Tips

Sometimes, it’s the little tips and tricks that matter the most. No matter how challenging your move might be, our professionals are trained and equipped with the latest packing material and all the tools necessary to make your relocation hassle free! Not impressed yet? Click below for more details.


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