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We all have to face the moving situation at least once in our lives; this means that when it comes to moving your homes or relocating your office, you have to deliver large items such as a fridge or a sofa for which you require two things. First you need a means of transportation that is spacious and large enough for holding your item or items from where they are to be delivered. Secondly you require helping hands for getting done with the strenuous task of packing and some help with the lifting and unloading of the entire equipment.

In other words, you require a Man and Van Brent Ford service for getting done with your entire packing and moving work. Irrespective of all the help that you can get with the help of moving services, a lot of people question about the usability of a moving service as they think they can get done with their required task with the help of their friends. Well, a lot of people would argue about the usability of the moving services; however some of the benefits for which you need to hire the moving services are as follow:

Professional Removal Services

We provide our customers with the best removal services in town. Where ever we go and complete a project all our customers are delighted by our service. Although, that is enough to conclude that we are professionals at what we do. You must be thinking how do we do it?

Well we have a team of extensively experienced men who have been working in the industry from quite some time. They have years of experience in conducting the most perfect and highly optimized removals for each of our move. We understand that each removal is different from another. We customize our service according to the removal and plan before we actually start working on a project.

Much more Affordable than you might have Imagined

The main reason for the Man and Van Brent Ford services is that they are more than just economical for the likes of home owners. This means that you can get done with your moving requirements without having to pay for a lot of money to get out of your home, load all your belongings and to drive over to your premises for unloading the entire luggage.

Man and van Brent Ford services just start form as little as 40 pounds which is surely not a lot of money when you are already spending hundreds if not thousands of pounds for your new home or office building. This means that the invest you are going to make with the help of the moving service is surely going to pay you off.

Even though a moving job may not seem like something extremely complicated for your needs, however, it surely requires experience and training like all other jobs which is why it never hurts to hire the men that are experienced and trained enough for packing, lifting and unloading your luggage and lastly to have it all delivered at your required address in one piece without any damage at all.

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Kingman and Van understands your need to stay under a budget. This is why we provide you the best and the most competitive hourly charge. Now you don’t have to relocate yourself or acquire the services of an unprofessional company. With Kingman and Van by your side, relocation will never be a hassle again.


With a larger-than-ever customer bank, Kingman and Van is constantly growing and aims to provide services to every street of England one day. We promise you the fastest dispatch of our Man and Van teams to your door, be it for tail lifting services, house removals or quality packaging services.

Moving Tips

Sometimes, it’s the little tips and tricks that matter the most. No matter how challenging your move might be, our professionals are trained and equipped with the latest packing material and all the tools necessary to make your relocation hassle free! Not impressed yet? Click below for more details.


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